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DC Memorials at Twilight

Here are some photos I took recently of various memorials in Washington DC. I was in good company with several other photographers from The Exposure Group. One member of the group shared with us the history of these memorials and what makes each one unique. This information allowed us to better capture the essence of each memorial. Thanks to David Hamilton for all of the great historical information.

I started photographing scenes around the Tidal Basin and finished at the World War II Memorial just after sunset. Most of the images were captured using a specially converted black & white infrared camera, causing the greenery to appear white.

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

Vietnam Veterans Memorial and The Three Soldiers statue

World War II Memorial

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  • Gene Ray

    Friday, September 23, 2011 at 12:18 am

    Hey Benson
    Gave you my card at the Verizon how sweet the sound. I took a look at your work and it excellent. Always looking to expand and network. I do more video than photography these days. I have begun separating my two markets. Commercial work, wedding events etc. The web address on the card is for my business clients and currently being updated. site I have used for some time. If interested in networking lets talk. Take care…

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