I had my first camera when I was three years old. All I knew at the time was to hold it to my face, close one eye, and push on it somewhere. From then until college, I tried everything from a Transformers camera with flash cubes, to a point and shoot film camera. Family gatherings served as my testing ground for each one of them. While attending Tuskegee University, I upgraded to my first SLR camera which allowed me to change lenses and add accessories. I only had one lens at the time, but those years gave me the opportunity to learn my equipment and discover why I received certain results… both good and not so good. This knowledge has transferred to the professional equipment I use today, and has helped me better understand how to see and capture light. I now view my camera as simply a tool that allows me to capture what I see with my own eyes.

I consider myself to be a storyteller with a camera. I use my camera to create images, similar to how a writer uses a pen to write thousands of words. Why did I choose to become a photographer? It’s simple… for the moments. The essence of what I capture comes from clients who give me the freedom to archive incredible moments of their lives. I love to travel and welcome the opportunity to experience locations that are just a road trip or plane ride away.

Benson Blake, Photographer

“As photographers, we all take different paths to arrive at the same place. We have been given the tremendous responsibility to capture the beauty and spirit of the people we photograph. God has given us talents and our subjects have entrusted themselves to us.” – Vicki Taufer, Photographer

Professional Affiliations

  • Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
  • Virginia Professional Photographers Association (VPPA)